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RCCF grantees are skilled community organizers working with parents, early educators, and small child care business owners to identify structural barriers to equity and become leaders in a growing movement to ensure access to affordable, quality child care for all.

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9to5 Georgia

9to5 Georgia’s mission is to build a movement to achieve economic justice, by engaging directly affected women to improve working conditions. 9to5 Georgia is a statewide chapter of 9to5, National Association of Working Women. We are building an effective movement for change, using organizing, civic engagement, advocacy, coalition-building and leadership development strategies to build power and change public policy.

Alabama Institute for Social Justice

To create a state where economic, political, and social equity exist for everyone, achieved by: mobilizing communities, setting and acting upon a racial equity and social justice policy agenda, and creating peace through racial reconciliation and healing.

Alliance for Quality Education

To create racial and economic justice in education, based on equity and adequacy, in order to ensure that all children have the opportunity for high quality education and development.

Coalition for Social Justice (CSJ) Education Fund

To build a grassroots movement for progressive social change, rooted in communities that have been excluded from the economic benefits of the current system, with a focus on race and gender.

Colorado Children’s Campaign

To help people step into their power through leadership, training, grassroots organizing and by creating safe spaces for people to learn and grow.

Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition

To provide advocacy and training for parents and childcare providers to be meaningfully engaged in the success of their children's education, close the opportunity gap, and ensure successful future educational outcomes.

Family Forward

To advance economic security for women and families, with a particular focus on improving economic security for mothers.


To promote racial and economic equity through intentional, intensive leadership development and collective, faith-based actions that work toward systemic change. ISAIAH works to ensure that all people, regardless of class, race, ethnicity or religion, are involved in creating the region’s future and have an opportunity to benefit from the region’s growth.

Moms Rising / Rattle the Windows

To partner with on-the-ground organizers at Rattle the Windows to ramp up a child care-focused educational campaign that informs national policy and builds parent power in the state.

Mothering Justice

To build a coalition of well-equipped mother activists — mamavists! especially women of color.

Ohio Organizing Collaborative

To build community power for social, racial, and economic justice in Ohio.

OLÉ Education Fund

To partner with working families in New Mexico to develop grassroots community organizing capacities that they use to enrich and empower their communities.

Parent Voices California

The CA Child Care Resource & Referral Network (the Network) is committed to helping all families find and maintain affordable, quality child care that best meets their families’ needs. Parent Voices, a project of the Network is a parent-led, parent-run grassroots organization fighting to make quality child care accessible and affordable to all families.

Power Coalition for Equity and Justice

To equip Louisianans with the knowledge and information they need to find their voice, and learn where and when to use it.

SPACEs in Action (Washington, DC)

SPACEs in Action helps people step into their power through leadership, training, grassroots organizing and by creating safe spaces for people to learn and grow.


To activate community power to re-design education, economic, health, and justice systems to be just and equitable for all.
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