The Reason ECFC Thrives

ECFC programming thrives thanks to the efforts of our members who lead and serve on standing and ad hoc committees and workgroups which support the Steering Committee and staff on implementing ECFC programming and priorities. Committee participation is open to staff of any ECFC member foundation.

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ECFC Committees

Steering Committee

Provides governance and leadership to ECFC on: implementation of its strategic plan, supporting and sustaining ECFC work; operational and planning support; and creating an environment supportive of member engagement. 

Membership Committee

Sets membership priorities to increase the diversity and strength of our membership; helps recruit, welcome and orient new members, and assists in implementation and refinement of membership guidelines.

Racial Equity Workgroup

Advises on ways ECFC can advance racial equity in early childhood services and early childhood philanthropy, a high priority area of our mission and vision; and helps shape and direct strategies to address racial equity through three approaches – Learning, Practice and Collaborative Action.

EC Finance Workgroup

This workgroup sunsetted in March 2022 after several years of providing a forum for ECFC members to identify common themes for synergy across EC strategic financing strategies; showcase innovative strategies, models and research related to financing child- and parent-focused services and supports.  View archives and tools below (requires ECFC member login). 

Early Relational Health Workgroup

Provides a forum for exploring programs, policies, and research that bolster the dyadic relationship between parent/caregivers and young children in all systems, services, and settings where parent/caregiver and child relationships occur.  View ERH workgroup resources and archives below (requires ECFC member login).

American Rescue Plan Workgroup

With new federal funds for child care and early childhood systems coming to states, tribes, and localities, there is an unprecedented opportunity to improve access to quality care and support the equitable use of public dollars for children, families, and early educators.  ECFC formed this workgroup in June 2021 to strategically align funder response and make the most of this opportunity. 

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Ad Hoc Committees

Formed to build knowledge and advance philanthropic work for specific, time-limited projects, events, or needs.

ECFC Program Committee

Provides guidance for programmatic and content priorities, weaving together themes across ECFC member meetings, committee work, and special projects to maintain coherent programming that meets the needs of members.

Member Meeting Committees

Provide guidance for bi-annual member meeting planning including theme, speaker and agenda development, and often facilitate sessions or take on other roles during meetings.

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