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We pool and shift private foundation dollars to grassroots organizations working alongside families and early educators in centers and homes to build their power and move the child care system to promote racial, gender, and economic equity.

Why the Raising Child Care Fund?

Every day, parents are unable to find and afford the quality child care they want for their children, and too many early educators earn wages so low that they qualify for public assistance to pay for their groceries. After decades of research on the critical nature of early childhood brain development, significant economic returns on early childhood investment, and families’ inability to afford high quality child care, public policy leadership has not taken on this crisis.

The pandemic exposed to the nation what early childhood stakeholders already knew:
child care sits at the nexus of racial, gender, and economic injustice.

Now the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on an already frail child care industry and hurt the economic security of women.  Women ages 25 to 44 are almost three times as likely as men not to be working due to child care demandsOne in five child care jobs have been lost. The fallout of this economic and health crisis will increase inequity for child care for low- and middle-income communities, Black and Hispanic families, and rural families. As the nation seeks to recover, RCCF grantees play important roles in demanding and designing a more equitable child care system at all levels of governance and holding elected officials accountable to address the child care crisis.

Since launching, RCCF has provided grassroots organizations in 13 states and the District of Columbia with resources to support them to lift voices, build power, and hold elected officials accountable to move toward equitable child care for all.  We are part of a national movement with impact at the local, state and federal levels. Join us to be part of this important opportunity!

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Join us to be part of a national movement with impact at the local, state and federal levels!

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