Engaging Members on Programming and Organizational Priorities

ECFC committees and workgroups engage members to design and implement ECFC programming, and to provide forums for members to engage each other in issues of shared interest.  Connect with staff contacts to learn more about participating in these committees and workgroups, and to explore other ways to engage with ECFC.

Steering Committee

Provides governance and leadership to ECFC on: implementation of its strategic plan, supporting and sustaining ECFC work; operational and planning support; and creating an environment supportive of member engagement.
Chair: Wendy Lewis Jackson, The Kresge Foundation
Staff Contact: Shannon Rudisill 
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Membership Committee

Sets membership priorities to increase the diversity and strength of our membership; helps recruit, welcome and orient new members, and assists in implementation and refinement of membership guidelines.
Chair: Mary Louise McClintock, The Oregon Community Foundation
Staff Contacts: Shannon Rudisill and Chere Williams

Racial Equity Workgroup

Advises on ways ECFC can advance racial equity in early childhood services and early childhood philanthropy, a high priority area of our mission and vision; and helps shape and direct strategies to address racial equity through three approaches – Learning, Practice and Collaborative Action.
Staff Contact: Shannon Rudisill or equity@ecfunders.org
Learn more about ECFC's racial equity workgroup, and work to date.

EC Finance Workgroup

Provides forums for member discussion on early childhood financing including exploration of mechanisms, costs and existing or future funding streams. Recognizing financing is multi-faceted, the Committee provides a structure for exploring intersections with multiple priorities for ECFC and members. Hosts monthly workgroup calls (open to all ECFC members),
Contact: Consultant - Alicia Wilson-Ahlstrom, The Children’s Funding Project.
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Early Relational Health Workgroup

Provides a forum for exploring early relational health intersections with ECFC and member early childhood interests, focused on parent/caregiver – child relationships from a relational/interaction frame in every setting where these relationships are present (home, early learning, health care, etc.).  Occasional workgroup calls, subgroup calls and email alerts and resource round ups explore topics of shared interest among ERH workgroup members.
Staff Contact: Rena Large
Learn more about the ERH Workgroup.

American Rescue Plan Workgroup

Provides a forum to strategically align funder response to new federal funds for child care and early childhood systems coming to states, tribes, and localities, and explore philanthropy's role in making the  most of this opportunity.  The Workgroup hosts monthly State Funder Action Calls; Online portal for tracking ECFC member actions and funding proposals around ARP implementation.
Contact: Consultant, Rachel Schumacher, Early Childhood Policy Consultant & Advisor
Learn more about the ARP Workgroup framework for EC funders, and tips for state funders.
Register for the Monthly State Funder Action Call series.

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