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General Support

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Vayla New Orleans, Voice of the Experienced, Congress of Day Laborers

115,000 annually for 2 years

New Orleans, LA

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Voter education and engagement, leadership development, power mapping


The Power Coalition is Louisiana’s 501c3civic engagement table and we have been continuing to build an integrated civil engagement and targeted voting strategy that will unify and expand the state’s progressive audiences into a stronger, more diverse voice focused on an agenda of shared issues.

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Ashley Shelton
President and CEO
[email protected]
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The Power Coalition for Equity and Justice in Louisiana worked with advocacy partners to educate New Orleans voters to win support for a small increase in property taxes that will support 1,000 new quality infant and toddler child care slots for families with low earnings. The measure will be in effect for 20 years, and is expected to generate $21 million in the first year.

Their leadership program called "She Leads" is built to honor and lift up women grassroots leaders throughout the state and they graduated 31 participants from this program.

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