Care Economy

Care is Fundamental: How Funders Can Accelerate Vital Progress on Caregiving (2024)

Caregiving – an essential public health issue that will touch all our lives sooner or later – is highly relevant to funders working on aging, as well as economic security, social justice, public policy, healthcare, workforce, immigration, children and families, […]

Winning The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act: An Inside Story and Lessons Learned from the Decade-Long Fight for Justice, Fairness, and Equality (2023)

Winning the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act from A Better Balance documents the history of the decade-long movement to pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA). The PWFA passed in December 2022, after a ten-year campaign to ensure pregnant workers are afforded […]

Cross-Partisan Action Plan to Support Families with Young Children in America (2024)

Simply put, it is too hard to raise young children in America today while also working. Improving support for working families with young children is at the forefront of our national conversation.  Most parents are in the labor force; however, workplaces and government policies have not caught up to help support working families in today’s environment. The […]

Care Infrastructure and Economic Security Voter Guide (2024)

The 2024 election offers an opportunity to support candidates who will strengthen women’s economic security, honor caregiving as the backbone of our economy by expanding affordable access to these services and increasing pay for care workers, and advance our fight for […]

Case for Childcare Collaborative Microsite (2024)

The American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact, Annie E. Casey Foundation and NationSwell recently launched their Case for Childcare Collaborative microsite, which shares the business case for care and empowers employers with tangible solutions they can implement […]

Care Matters: A 2024 Report Card for Policies in the States

The Century Foundation’s 2024 Care Matters Report, co-authored with Caring Across Generations, grades each state on a number of supportive family policies and worker rights and protections, such as paid sick and paid family leave, pregnant worker fairness, and the […]

The Story of Care: A Snapshot of the Care Narrative Change Landscape (2023)

At some point, every one of us will need care or need to provide care. The care economy — historically undervalued and underfunded — is an intersectional and intergenerational issue encompassing child care and early learning, paid leave, long-term services […]

The Care Movement’s Winning Tactics, Lessons, and Case Studies from the Pandemic Era and Beyond (2023)

Rachel Schumacher, Director of the Raising Child Care Fund and Shannon Rudisill, ECFC Executive Director, are among the 40+ interviews contributing to the New America new report: The Care Movement’s Winning Tactics, Lessons, and Case Studies from the Pandemic Era […]

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