We the People: A Philanthropic Guide to Strengthening Democracy (2019)

Multiple surveys over the past decade have revealed a trend of declining confidence in democracy among Americans. While many factors contribute to this growing sense that democracy is weakening, there are practical and thoughtful efforts underway to reverse these sentiments. […]

Investing in Change: A Funders Guide to Supporting Advocacy (2024)

Foundation leaders often recognize the potential impact of advocacy efforts but are unsure which levels of involvement are legal and appropriate.  This Alliance for Justice guide provides an in-depth discussion of the various roles foundations can play in the advocacy […]

An Anti-Racist Child Care System for Families & Educators (2024)

This brief from the  National Women’s Law Center and Georgetown Center on Poverty & Inequality presents a new, anti-racist blueprint for reshaping the Child Care and Development Fund. It recommends establishing child care as a fully funded and universal program, […]

50-State Early Childhood Policy Progress and Landscape Report 2023

Alliance for Early Success provides a snapshot of what happened in 2023 in four key areas, including early care and education and maternal and child health, and looks at looks at how this progress could shape 2024.

Voter-Approved Children’s Funds

Voter-approved children’s funds, a portion of state or local tax revenue dedicated to children’s services via a ballot measure, pose a unique opportunity for states and communities to harness public will to increase funding for children and youth and fill existing […]

50 State Searchable Bill Tracking Database

National Council of State Legislatures’ 50 State Searchable Bill Tracking Databases provide comprehensive and complete 50-state information and searchable bill tracking databases, including databases on Early Childhood, Child Welfare, Ballot Initiatives, and more. Updated weekly, searchable by subtopics, year, status […]

Cross-Partisan Action Plan to Support Families with Young Children in America (2024)

Simply put, it is too hard to raise young children in America today while also working. Improving support for working families with young children is at the forefront of our national conversation.  Most parents are in the labor force; however, workplaces and government policies have not caught up to help support working families in today’s environment. The […]

We’re Glad You Asked! 30 Years of Parent Organizing (2024)

Community Organizing and Family Issues (COFI) latest report, We’re Glad You Asked reflects on nearly 30 years of parent-led organizing and gives insights into what COFI has learned about what it takes to center the voices of parents in policymaking […]

Care Matters: A 2024 Report Card for Policies in the States

The Century Foundation’s 2024 Care Matters Report, co-authored with Caring Acrosshttps://caringacross.org/ Generations, grades each state on a number of supportive family policies and worker rights and protections, such as paid sick and paid family leave, pregnant worker fairness, and the […]

State Leadership and Policy Action to Advance Early Relational Health (2023)

Nurture Connection’s report on “State Leadership and Policy Action to Advance Early Relational Health” by Kay Johnson,  Geoffrey Nagle, and David Willis, documents how states are advancing policies and systemic changes that support ERH and family well-being. Highlighting policies and […]

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