The purpose of the New Hampshire Early Childhood Funders Collaborative is to advance opportunities for collaborative funding and action so that all young children and their families have fair and just access to a continuum of equitable, high quality, comprehensive and responsive supports to be healthy, learning and thriving now and in the future.  

We are committed to: 

  • Strengthening relationships between and among foundations, corporate giving programs, and other institutional early childhood funders; 
  • Learning from each other and guest “experts”, including families most impacted, to identify community needs and gaps, New Hampshire trends and issues, and related topics with the desire to identify shared solutions, and improve the effectiveness of philanthropy and grantmaking practice;  
  • Implementing shared solutions that advance equity in early childhood through aligned or pooled funding, and other non-grantmaking strategies in partnership with policymakers, state leaders, researchers, and community groups; 
  • Building awareness of the importance of early childhood and driving growth in and coordination of New Hampshire early childhood investment; and 
  • Creating clear and common metrics to track and evaluate our progress.  

Concord, NH

Geographic Scope:

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