Start with Equity: 14 Priorities to Dismantle Systemic Racism in Early Care and Education

Grave inequities have long pervaded the education system and affect the lives of millions of children from historically marginalized communities.  These inequities begin before birth and follow children into the early care and education (ECE) system, one of the first […]

Equity as a Verb: Lessons from and with Grantees

While philanthropy is filled with charitable minded individuals devoted to serving others, there is no denying that philanthropy exists because of historical economic injustices.  Acknowledging this history and changing philanthropic culture can be challenging, many grantmakers are thoughtfully reflecting on […]

Side by Side: A Playbook on Centering and Promoting Equity in Early Education

Equity in early childhood care and education is a word we hear often, but what does it look like at the start of life? What does equity mean to the people most impacted by racism, marginalization, and other systems of […]

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