Equity in early childhood care and education is a word we hear often, but what does it look like at the start of life? What does equity mean to the people most impacted by racism, marginalization, and other systems of oppression? We asked. So they shared their stories. 
This playbook is made possible by the storytellers representing multiple identities, roles, and locations across the nation. It is driven by the courageous work of families, ECE providers, and community leaders of color to speak the truth about the distance between what our children deserve and what the ECE system is offering. The work has been built upon the wisdom, perspectives, and experiences they so generously shared. Their voices not only provide insight into how the ECE system is (and how it is not) working for families and communities, but also provide hope and a vision for an ECE system truly that honors, values, and supports every child by working side-by-side with families and communities. Without their voices, this playbook would amount to nothing more than “noise”. 
This resource was developed by School Readiness Consulting and made possible by many key partners. Vanguard Strong Start for Kids Program™ provided the funding and vision to make this playbook possible, as well as Living Cities which served as fiscal sponsor for this process.
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Categories: Racial Equity
Tags: Equity, Storytelling
Author: School Readiness Consulting
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