Putting Parents at the Center of Early Childhood Solutions: A Case Study (2018)

In early 2017, the Early Learning Lab, with major support from the Overdeck Family Foundation, sought out ways to work more closely with parents to ensure that they have the best tools and strategies to help their children learn early. This interactive online research report describes the study to identify the top three barriers that often impede families receiving the support they need, and recommendations for involving parents in creating education solutions, rather than just receiving them. The result of the study was the launch of the Parent Innovation Framework,  a year-long initiative consisting of four participating organizations in Fruitvale, California, designed to generate the following impacts:

  1. Improve programs and services to better meet parents’ and families’ needs
  2. Develop parent and staff leadership and innovation capacity
  3. Strengthen connections between parent-serving organizations in a community

The report also offers ways others others can apply the challenges from this initiative to their own environments to improve their early learning support network.

ECFC Member Contributions: The initial study was supported by the Overdeck Family Foundation

Categories: Equitable Engagement, Parent Engagement
Author: The Parent Innovation Institute
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