Einhorn Collaborative is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to addressing America’s growing crisis of connection.  That’s why Einhorn Collaborative is advancing the science and practice of empathy, mutual understanding, and relationship building — so we can rediscover our common humanity and solve our nation’s greatest challenges together.

New York, NY

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Belonging to ECFC connects us to other funders as well as other funder groups of which we are not a member but have overlap with our portfolio (e.g., Grantmakers in Health). ECFC is a helpful platform for learning from others, sharing the work of our grantee partners, and building support and collaboration for advancing mutual goals, particularly through the new ECFC workgroup focused on early relational health. The policy angle will become increasingly important to Einhorn Collaboratives’s strategy in the coming years; being a member of ECFC gives us a streamlined way of monitoring and potentially influencing federal, state, and local policy.


Inspired by a prism, our brand design represents the transformative power of empathy and collaboration. When we move from welcoming one perspective to many, we enter a world that’s multi-dimensional and full of prismatic color, allowing us to see humanity in a new light.

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