The C.E. and S. Foundation identifies, funds, and nurtures projects and organizations in the fields of Education, Global Competency, and the Urban Environment that meaningfully enhance the living conditions or prospects of identifiable people. The Foundation is also dedicated to fostering philanthropic spirit and organization effectiveness through service to the field. Currently, the Foundation is primarily focused on education grantmaking in Louisville, Kentucky. An important component of this education strategy is to apply financial, intellectual, and influential resources in service to the local early care and education sector. Here, the Foundation seeks to ensure that children are prepared for success from the start with improved early childhood program quality and access and increased parent, family, and community engagement.


Louisville, KY

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The C.E. and S. Foundation joined ECFC to more closely connect with our peers from around the country to learn about the great early childhood grantmaking underway and to become more knowledgeable about the issues impacting the early care and education sector.

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