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Our Role in Supporting and Amplifying Policy Priorities in the Black Child National Agenda

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This event was held on November 18, 2021 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EST

ECFC’s Thursday call focused on the Black Child National Agenda, an ambitious plan that calls for actions to dismantle structural racism and systemic inequities that have negative effects on Black children’s school and life success.  The agenda was co-developed by the Equity Research Action Coalition with research and child development experts from the National Black Child Development Institute, the UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, and POINTS of ACCESS, LLC.


Event Takeaways

Black children in the United States of America face a dual reality: growing up in the “land of opportunity” while also experiencing the reality of racism and inequities that impact their daily lives. The Equity Research Action Coalition, POINTS of ACCESS, LLC, and the National Black Child Development Institute have collaborated in creating the Black Child National Agenda because of the urgent need to challenge the negative and stereotypical narrative of Black children, families, and communities and to challenge policies and systems that undermine basic human rights and community wellness.

This ambitious agenda for Black children calls for actions to dismantle structural racism and systemic inequities that get in the way of Black children’s success in school and life. The policies identified are not exhaustive but represent the first step toward ensuring that we are protecting Black children and their families from racism, discrimination, and inhumane material hardships. Additionally, we must ensure that we are promoting Black children and their families’ economic security, health, and access to quality early learning opportunities, while also preserving their cultural identity and heritage.

On our call we discussed the policy priorities in the agenda, why these are priorities now and ways we can use and amplify the framework in the agenda.  Among the highlights of our discussion - the opportunity for partnering with NBCDI state and local affiliates - diverse networks of parents, community members and other leaders and stakeholders focusing on national as well as state and local policy needs. Learn more about BCDI affiliates here.

Funders attending our call expressed interest in learning more about working with BCDI affiliates. Please connect with us if  your foundation or funder collaborative is interested in learning more how ECFC and ECFC members are connecting with NBCDI and BCDI affiliates and NBCDI.

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