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How EC Funders Can Support Outreach & Advocacy for the Child Tax Credit

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This event was held on September 2, 2021 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT

Part of ECFC’s 1st & 3rd Thursday Call Series

The American Rescue Plan of 2021 offers a historic opportunity to boost the economic well-being of families and children, including critical temporary expansions to the child tax credit (CTC) and earned income tax credit (EITC) which will help families hit hardest by the pandemic.  Many economists agree that a permanently expanded CTC would yield tremendous immediate and long-term benefits for children AND would not erode incentives to work or meaningfully reduce parental employment.

On September 2nd, ECFC hosted a funder discussion with Shelley Waters Boots, SWB Strategic Solutions, Simone Brody, Senior Advisor to The White House ARP Implementation Team, and Jonathan Hui, Program Officer – Detroit, The Kresge Foundation to discuss White House efforts to promote the CTC, national funder collaborations to promote and advocate for extending the CTC, and how local funders can support CTC outreach in their communities.

Learn more below about the impact of the CTC on children and families, and how philanthropy and other community based partners can help enroll families and advocate for extending the CTC and making it permanent.  Visit our Upcoming Events calendar for related events for funders to learn more about how philanthropy can support CTC outreach and enrollment.

Event Takeaways

Our discussion touched on: the return on investment for philanthropy engaged in promoting CTC enrollment initiatives in their communities; the need for trusted messengers to help families navigate the enrollment process; and the struggle to reach families that did not file taxes and are not in the IRS system, and examples of national funders coming together to support a faith-based effort with places of worship, and to support local foundations working to enroll families.

The Kresge Foundation joined us to share their place based strategies for CTC outreach, and parallel population-based strategies to reach children and families that may be missed by place-based strategies, such as working with: organizations that serve citizen children of undocumented parents; homeless advocacy groups; Get Out the Vote advocates who have substantial community engagement; Youth Sports groups; and other community partners that serve children and families. View Jonathon Hui’s slide deck and the Detroit CTC outreach toolkit in partnership with the United Way of Southeast Michigan for an example of how these place based funders are supporting CTC outreach.  Related: SKDK,  has also developed CTC Topline Message Guide and Attack and Response Guide for advocates (both will be updated as needed).

Learn more about how the impact of the CTC and other tax credits on children and families:

Special thanks to our speakers and to Ami Nagle at the EITC Funders Network for helping shape our call and curate these events and resources!


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