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Clarissa’s Battle: Parent Organizing In Action

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This event was held on December 5, 2022 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST

Co-hosted by ECFC, Media Impact Funders and the Raising Child Care Fund

ECFC, Media Impact Funders and the Raising Child Care Fund hosted a discussion about Clarissa’s Battle, a new documentary film that gives us insight into an erupting movement for childcare and early-childhood education funding. Documentary films are tools for transforming community and changing society – not only by informing/telling a story, but by but changing minds and hearts.  Through a combination of film snippets and discussion, we explored the value of documentary films for the storytellers and advocates, and the roll that philanthropy and other advocates can play in lifting up the experiences of the storytellers to achieve your philanthropic goals.  We also discussed the risks involved for funders in supporting the child care campaign featured in the film.


  • Clarissa Doutherd, single parent, organizer and Executive Director of Parent Voices Oakland
  • Tamara Perkins, an award-winning filmmaker and changemaker focused on documentaries that inspire transformative change through dialogue, healing and advocacy
  • Amy Fitzgerald, Vice President of Community Investments and Partnerships, East Bay Community Foundation

Event Takeaways

How can funders use Clarissa’s Battle to support their own philanthropic goals around child care?

  • Donor Education – involving donors in a “movement mentality” and mindset, and embracing meaning-making as part of their funder roll.
  • Shifting the narrative – Helping put child care in context of broader, intersectional issues and helping people feel more connected.
  • Generating Local Discussion and Engagement – Invite and engage community organizers to a screening, to have real discussions with them about the lived experiences of families they serve and build some new networks in your community around this kind of work.
  • Invite funders to think of creative ways to tap into imagination and use your rseources to build power in communities.

Read our webinar highlights for more insights on how funders can use this film to support their philanthropic goals around child care, and the risks and opportunities involved in supporting local organizing.

Funders interested in a thought partner around connecting and nurturing local relationships with grassroots efforts (using this film or in general) can connect with the Raising Child Care Fund. We can help think through ways to connect with and resource hyper local organizing work around child care in your area.

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Funders interested in learning more about documentary film and other media as strategies for supporting your philanthropy goals, or connecting with other funders supporting media strategies, please connect with Media Impact Funders.

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