ECFC Welcomes New Steering Committee Members in 2022

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ECFC is excited to begin our new year with new incoming Steering Committee Members. With the unanimous vote of our ECFC members, Leadership Development Committee, and ECFC Steering Committee, five new candidates were elected to to join our Steering Committee in 2022.

These new members represent diversity across many dimensions: geography, size, and type of foundation, tenure with ECFC, a range of topical expertise, as well as demographics.

These new Steering Committee members will join returning members: Sakinah Harrison, W.K. Kellogg Foundation; Gerry Cobb, Pritzker Children’s Initiative; Rashanda Perryman, Vanguard; and Sara Vecchiotti, Foundation for Child Development.

We feel excited and confident about new Steering Committee members who will add strength to the strong governance of our Steering Committee.

Learn more about our Leadership and Steering Committee Team.

Photo credit: Photo by Merakist on Unsplash

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