ECFC & RCCF 2023 Power Building Learning Series

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Working alongside families, early educators and allies is essential to build powerful coalitions to transform child care and expand equity. In March 2023, ECFC and the Raising Child Care Fund (RCCF) launched a Power Building Learning Series for ECFC members and RCCF funders to interact directly with organizers and strategists and funders working to transform policies to learn about their strategy, setbacks, responses, and lessons learned.¬† Together we are unpacking the theory of change and elements of power building that are fundamental to this work, including: centering the stories and voices of those most proximate to the challenge; sharing power, co-creating collective priorities and strategies, and advocating for policies that support racial equity and language justice; and identifying lessons learned and ideas that can inform the internal and external strategies of participating foundation leaders.¬† ¬†We’re also exploring the long-term benefits of power-building, including increasing civic engagement and equitable implementation of policy wins.

How Funders Can Engage in this work:


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Concepts and Frameworks

Funding Movement and Power Building

4 steps for thinking about funding social movements:

Movement and Power Building in BIPOC Communities

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