The Foundation for Child Development is excited to announce the release of Getting it Right: The Conversation Guide for Preparing the Next Generation of Implementation Researchers. This new conversation guide serves as a companion piece to our 2020 Getting it Right: Using Implementation Research to Improve Outcomes in Early Care and Education publication that provides insights into the value of including implementation research in the study of early care and education (ECE) and its potential to improve programs and policies and achieve stronger outcomes for all young children.

The guide aims to help faculty in institutions of higher education prepare future researchers to conduct implementation research. As a resource, the guide can be used by faculty to initiate and sustain conversation with their students about ECE implementation research, particularly within research methods, program evaluation, and statistics courses. The guide extends discussion about effective ECE, what still needs to be learned, and how implementation research can help fill the gaps. An overview of implementation research, discussion questions, reflections on moving ECE implementation research forward, and suggestions for small group activities, are provided to further support student engagement.

Now, faculty and student researchers may utilize this conversation guide to expand their exploration of what works, for whom, and under what conditions to better understand how to improve ECE programs and policies and achieve stronger outcomes for all young children.

Author/Publisher: Foundation for Child Development

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