A 100-year Review of Research on Black Families (2024)

In February 2024, Child Trends released its highly anticipated A 100-year Review of Research on Black Families, a report that explores the ways in which social science research focused on Black families has changed over 10 decades.  Understanding the ways in which research has influenced public attitudes and policies is integral to creating policy environments that are supportive of Black families’ health, wealth, self-determination, and flourishing.

The research is organized into two volumes—Volume 1: 1920 to 1969 and Volume II: 1970 to 2019, lead authors Chrishana M. Lloyd and Mavis Sanders consider each era’s social, political, and economic contexts to use the past to develop lessons for the future.  There are multiple ways to easily digest the research including:

  • Overview of the research (6 pages), including what authors hoped to learn, their methodology, and what each volume includes.
  • Executive Summary (7 pages) of the key lessons and implications of the research.
  • An easy to navigate research web page organized by Lessons, Decades, and Implications.
  • You can also view/download Volumes I and II, as well as appendices from the research web page.
Categories: Racial Equity
Author: Child Trends
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