The Start Early Funders Coalition for Children and Minnesota’s Future is a collaboration of more than 20 members of Minnesota’s philanthropic community. The Coalition provides critical leadership and funding for research, program development, public policy and grant making to improve early childhood efforts in Minnesota. We are working together to ensure every child in Minnesota is physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively prepared for school and lifelong success. Their mission is to leverage our unique perspective as early childhood funders to advance public policy and community support for affordable, accessible, high quality care and education in Minnesota so that all children have a strong and healthy start and are prepared to contribute to our state’s vitality. Start Early is housed at and staff by the Greater Twin Cities United Way.


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Start Early Funders Coalition for Children and Minnesota’s Future was formed in 2011 as the result of a merger between two older under networks. The merged coalition builds on the strengths and successes of the two previous coalitions as a stronger, more effective voice for early childhood in support of critical reform recommendations. Start Early is governed by a Steering Committee chaired by Greater Twin Cities United Way (GTCUW) Senior Vice President. GTCUW also serves as fiscal host and provides substantial infrastructure and staffing.

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