We are a group of North Carolina-based funders who bring the collective voice and resources of philanthropy together to promote the development and sustainability of a comprehensive early childhood system that benefits all children, families, the workforce and communities in North Carolina. Vision: North Carolina’s children arrive to kindergarten healthy and ready for school, and are succeeding by the end of third grade. Supported by the North Carolina Network of Grantmakers.


Focus Area:


The NC Collaborative is just forming, and recently hired a project director. Membership criteria, specific goals or focuses have not yet been established. The following governance structure is intended (as of May 2018): Executive Committee sets goals for collaborative and oversees work of project manager; Project manager works with executive committee and membership to set agendas, house documentation, etc.

Membership Information

Thirty members. Members asked to volunteer funds to cover the cost of project manager and other small expenses. 14 of 30 provided funding.

More Information

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