The New Mexico Early Childhood Funders Group consists of private and public charitable foundations dedicated to improving the lives of babies, young children and their families in our state. We support and seek to strengthen:

  • families with young children;
  • Staffed by a Steering Committee of members, and a part-time coordinator housed at the Santa Fe Community Foundation.
  • communities working towards goals that enable young children and families to thrive;
  • organizations that demonstrate best practices in serving young children and families with measurable and sustainable outcomes;,
  • local, regional, statewide and national infrastructure, governance and policies that strengthen New Mexico’s babies, young children and their families.


Focus Area:


The NM EC Funders group is lead by a Steering Committee that directs operations, and a chair and vice chair that provide leadership for the group. There are 9 members including private and public charitable foundations. $2500 yearly membership fee.


  • Regular learning opportunities for members.
  • Collaborative research or data projects
  • Other (describe below)

Additional Activities

More Information

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