Launched in 2020, the Massachusetts Early Childhood Funder Collaborative (MA ECFC) is a partnership effort working to ensure that all young children in Massachusetts have the opportunities and supports they need to thrive. This group of public and private foundation and individual funders has come together with the intention of serving as a vehicle to strengthen the community of early childhood funders and to drive policy and systems change by catalyzing a unified early childhood strategy.

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Membership is open to all types of funders who have an interest in investing in Early Childhood in Massachusetts including private foundations, corporate foundations, community foundations, United Ways, and individuals. Fiscally sponsored project of Philanthropy Massachusetts.

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This report by Sharp Lehman Consulting describes the extensive stakeholder input and landscape analysis that shaped the structure, vision and goals of the MA ECFC.

In December 2021, the MA ECFC launched the Massachusetts Early Childhood Systems Map and Data Overview (“EC 101”) project to present the state of young children in Massachusetts in a visual, accessible format that allows for clear understanding of the current conditions of the early childhood landscape.  After a rigorous review process involving many members of the MA ECFC community, Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy was selected as the project vendor. The Rennie Center has a long track record of producing work that catalyzes statewide policy priorities. In the EC 101 project, the Rennie Center will work to demystify complex information through infographics, data visualization, and narrative so that a wide range of stakeholders can understand and learn how to take action.  Read the press release, and learn more about the project here.

In January 2023, MA ECFC launches their groundbreaking Early Childhood 101 project to provide shared foundational understanding of the early childhood systems, policies, and conditions in Massachusetts that impact young children and their families. Developed with the Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy, EC 101 is designed to provide clarity to this complicated web of supports. This accessible, interactive website allows for clear understanding of the current conditions of the early childhood landscape, helping to identify gaps, levers, and strategic opportunities for investment and supports.

Rev 1/6/2023

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