Launched in 2008, as a multi-year, multi-million dollar collective investment effort, the Collaborative works on early childhood systems-change across six jurisdictions in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Its mission is to increase the quality and capacity of, and access to, early care and education in the DC region, with the goal of closing school readiness gaps within the next ten years. Operated by the Washington Area Women's Foundation


Focus Area:
Multi-State/regional: Washington, DC, Montgomery County, MD; Prince George's County, MD; Arlington County, VA; the City of Alexandria, VA; Fairfax County, VA.


The Collaborative is supported and directed by corporate funders and local and national foundations and staffed by and housed at Washington Area Women's Foundation. The Early Care and Education Funders Collaborative awards $350,000 per year in grants to organizations working on early childhood education systems change in the DC region, including but not limited to grants that fund advocacy, pilot projects, and systems capacity building.

Membership Information

10 members including private foundations and corporate funders. Organizations become members of the Steering Committee by contributing a minimum of $25,000 per year to the pooled investment funds. Steering Committee members make collective investment decisions. Financial contributions under $25,000 per year allow for organizations to participate in the Collaborative's shared learning opportunities.


  • Regular learning opportunities for members.
  • Raising awareness of EC issues among funders who are not members.
  • Aligned or pooled funding opportunities.

More Information

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