Early Childhood Financing Workgroup

Contextualizing and Coordinating Learning and Action

The Early Childhood (EC) Financing Workgroup provides an entry point for discussions among ECFC members on early childhood financing (including exploration of mechanisms, costs and existing or future funding streams).

Recognizing financing is multi-faceted, and intersects with multiple priorities for ECFC and members, the Committee will provide a structure for:

Exploring financing intersections across EC topic areas:

  • Identifying common financing themes, and areas for synergy, across EC
    topic areas;
  • Showcasing innovative strategies, models and research related to financing
    child- and parent-focused services and supports;
  • Encouraging ECFC members to bring forward interesting, and innovative
    ideas and approaches from their grantmaking communities; and,
  • Considering how ECFC and members can harness national and federal
    initiatives to move their own early childhood agendas at the local, state and
    national level.

Engaging in the EC Financing Workgroup aligns with the Buffett Early Childhood Fund’s mission to establish a more level playing field for all children as they enter kindergarten, including creating and contributing to environments in which all children in the early years have a chance to receive high quality care and education. Recognizing that high quality care and education has complex cost issues, better understanding and creating solutions and opportunities to finance high quality care and education is of primary interest to us.

Eric Buchanan
Director of Strategic Partnerships, Buffet Early Childhood Fund; ECFC EC Financing Committee Co-Chair

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