Nāpua Rosehill

Steering Committee Member

Strategy Consultant

Kamehameha Schools

I am Nāpua Rosehill, a dedicated Indigenous woman with a profound passion for uplifting Ka Lāhui Hawai’i to achieve their highest potential. As a seasoned Strategy Consultant, I bring extensive experience in developing and implementing strategic initiatives within diverse Hawaiian communities. My expertise extends to Hawaiian Culture-Based Education and Early Childhood Education, where I seamlessly blend creativity and analytical thinking to drive continuous process improvement.

Beyond my professional life, I am a proud mother and grandmother who places immense value on family. This deep family connection informs and strengthens my commitment to supporting the Native Hawaiians ‘Ohana and gives me my “WHY” of my work.

My professional journey is marked by my exceptional ability to identify challenges and provide innovative solutions, ensuring the smooth execution of strategic plans. With a keen eye for detail, I accurately assess project durations, maintain peak productivity, and consistently meet key milestones. My leadership style is rooted in community servitude, mentorship, training, and empowerment, enabling teams to excel in their performance.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to fostering community growth and success. As an Indigenous woman deeply connected to my Hawaiian heritage, I passionately support Native Hawaiians ‘Ohana in their quest to become the best versions of themselves.

My extensive experience, profound dedication, and strong family values make me a true asset in the pursuit of excellence within Hawaiian communities. My impact extends far beyond the professional realm, resonating with the cultural and social fabric of Hawai’i.

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