Robins Foundation was founded on Claiborne Robins’ belief in the power of education to transform lives and society, and we continue that legacy through our focus on early childhood education. In addition to education, Mr. and Mrs. Robins were deeply passionate about the power of culture, inclusion, and community building. The foundation honors that commitment by investing in organizations that are contributing to the culture and vibrancy of Richmond’s dynamic community. 

Early Childhood 

We recognize that investments in early childhood have the power to change the trajectory of individual lives and entire families, as well as deliver significant returns for the community. We are committed to deeply investing in early childhood for children from birth through 5 years old. To learn more about our Early Childhood focus, visit our website

Dynamic Community 

A vibrant community enriches the wellbeing of our families, draws residents and tourists to our city, builds community pride, and makes Richmond a positive and dynamic place to live. We invest in programs that enhance our region and are open to and benefit the entire community. To learn more about Dynamic Community, visit our website.


Richmond, VA

Geographic Scope:
The greater Richmond, VA region, with a willingness to fund statewide organizations whose work ultimately impacts Richmond.

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To collaborate with and learn from other early childhood funders towards a goal of fundamentally changing early childhood systems to be equitable and high-quality, and to allow all young children and their families the opportunity to thrive.


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