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Grant Type:
General Support

Other Funders:
W.K. Kellogg Foundation, The Ms. Foundation, Marguerite Casey Foundation, McCune Charitable Trust

150,000 per year for 2 years

Albuquerque, NM

Focus Area:
Build leadership in and outside of Bernalillo County


To partner with working families in New Mexico to develop grassroots community organizing capacities that they use to enrich and empower their communities.


Invest in Kids Coalition, American Federation of Teachers New Mexico, New Mexico Center on Law & Poverty, Center for Civic Policy, New Mexico Voices for Children, St. Josephs Community Health, Partnerships for Community Action, Ngage

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Matthew Henderson
Executive Director
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Project Summary

The purpose of this grant is to expand base-building and leadership development of parents and early educators throughout the state to coordinate with a broader alliance working toward universal access to affordable, high-quality early childhood education programs.

Currently, OLÉ has at least a handful of members in 40 of the state's 112 legislative districts, and will expand to include members in as many as 60 additional districts, focusing, in particular on communities that have state or community colleges that offer courses for early educator associates and bachelor degrees. New Mexico has the fifth largest land mass of any state in the country, requiring innovation to reach and engage families across the state.

OLÉ will use “onlineto-offline” organizing strategies that have been successful in organizing Walmart workers. The model moves parents and educators up a ladder of digital engagement before moving them into “offline” action and leadership development opportunities. Engaged leaders will shape earned and social media environments in their communities that is supportive of reform efforts and hold elected officials accountable for their actions on early childhood education issues.

OLÉ will continue to strengthen relationships with other organizations in the state to grow a statewide movement for universal access.

Selected Action Steps Related to RCCF Goals

Lift parent, child care teacher, home-based child care provider, caregiver and ally voices and increase their participation in crafting policy solutions in states and/or communities.

  • Use OLÉ's online-to-offline organizing model to expand membership of parents and early educators to communities that, collectively, represent a majority of the state.
  • Develop a base of over 100 new, statewide parent and early educator leaders who engage in a range of significant actions to impact the early childhood education reform issue environment.
  • Engage 56 new leaders from 11 counties to coordinated or statewide events involving press and/or policy makers.

Build effective coordination among RCCF grantees and advocacy groups, community groups, parents, child care teachers, home-based child care providers, caregivers, and allies.

  • Develop new and expand existing coalitions that support policy reforms in 2021.
    Coordinate with allies to recruit five new coalition partners and organize two events outside of Bernalillo County (where Albuquerque is).
  • Recruit two other immigrant organizations to work on legislative efforts to raise wages for immigrant ECE workers.

Expand financial resources to secure increased and equitable access to quality child care, including through intentional strategies to reach and prioritize children and families most affected by injustice and inequity.

  • Increase policymaker support for initiatives to increase child care wages.
  • Hold meetings in five communities outside of Bernalillo County about the need to make child care subsidy policies more friendly to families, and generate social media that tags local legislators.
  • Train 130 statewide leaders to understand and be able to articulate the revenue needed to pay for access to universal, high-quality early childhood education with living wages, benefits, and increased professional development opportunities for the workforce.

Updated 5/4/2020

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