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Equity in Investment Opportunity for Early Childhood Leadership

This event was held on June 22, 2021

Promise Venture Studio, in partnership with ECFC

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Promise Venture Studio Funder Series on Equity in Early Childhood Grantmaking featured Dr. Sherri Killins-Stewart sharing an early look at her ECFC-Commissioned report on the experiences of Black leaders in the early childhood field with philanthropy.

In the context of three national crises, including massive racial justice organizing, COVID-19 pandemic, and a financial crisis, early childhood funders recognize the need to focus more intensely on Black leaders, young Black children, their families, and communities.  Funders themselves seek to be inclusive toward marginalized Black communities that have experienced historical oppression and have been systematically disinvested in over many years.

Drawing on the report findings and on her years of policy and practice, Dr. Killins Stewart presented a set of recommendations to help the field move toward greater equity.

Event Takeaways

On the call, we discussed big picture findings of ECFC commissioned qualitative interviews with 21 Black not for profits leaders who benefit Black children and their families. These organizations were located in 10 states and included six national organizations. The interviews revealed opportunities and challenges in five areas: infrastructure, relationships, strategies, leadership, and investment. The themes from the interviews led to four recommendations: determine the benefit to Black children and families of investments; explore past and current practices or experiences with Black leaders within Foundations; expand networks to include more Black Leaders and increase funding for organizational capacity within Black-led organizations.

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