Cradle Career Guide to Federal Funding For Kids During and Beyond COVID-19

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A new Cradle-to-Career Guide to Federal Relief Funding for Kids During and Beyond COVID-19 from The Children’s Funding Project discusses federal funding from the six federal relief acts and guidance for the child and youth fields on navigating these new dollars. The guide includes highlights on states and communities that have creatively leveraged federal relief funding for kids in the past year.  A companion 30-minute crash course breaks down new federal funding streams and how to use them.

The Children’s Funding Project works with states and communities on understanding how to maximize federal relief funding for kids. They will be publishing an FAQ document containing answers to some of the more general questions they hear from multiple communities.  Submit a question below to help us identify the field’s most pressing queries!

Access the Cradle-to-Career Guide and 30-minute crash course, and submit your own questions to help identify the field’s most pressing inquiries!

Photo credit: Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

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