New Jersey foundations with a strong interest in the first three years of life have worked together closely for quite some time. Since 2018, the collaboration has become more formal. The group is now known as the New Jersey Early Years Funders Collaborative.


Focus Area:


Staffed by foundation members, including: The Burke Foundation; The Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation; Schumann Fund for New Jersey; the Maher Charitable Foundation; and the Turrell Fund.

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The New Jersey Early Years Funders Collaborative is making considerable investments, collectively and individually, in innovative programs for young children and their families in New Jersey.

The Collaborative and individual members also provide thought leadership and partnership in the development of statewide guidance on early childhood matters including: Unlocking Potential:  A Roadmap to Making New Jersey the Safest, Healthiest and Most Supportive Place to Give Birth and Raise a Family.

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