The School Readiness Philanthropy group is comprised of Wisconsin and national private funders and foundations as well as experts in the area of quality early childhood education and child care. The group is an informal learning collaborative, meeting when there is something of interest to learn or share, with the goal of promoting effective philanthropy.

Milwaukee, WI

Focus Area:
Local and Statewide


The group was formed in 2005 to bring a philanthropy perspective to ECE summits around the state hosted by the Governor. The group expanded on a previously established Child Welfare Philanthropy Group formed in 2000.Linda Davis, Wisconsin based philanthropist, provides informal operational support for the group – hosting financing and coordinating meetings of the group.The group does not hold regular meetings, but meets when there is something of interest to learn or share. Meetings are confidential, solicitation-free, candid and have an informal question/answer format. Group members are respectful of leaving their personal agendas out of meetings.The group does not fund as a rule, however they do network to learn about funding opportunities.OTHER DETAILS:Milwaukee does NOT have any "anchor" funders in ECE (or many other areas). The group is accomplished, however, in putting together a patch work of funding to make things happen – being very clear about what should be privately funded and what should be publicly funded.The largest unexpected outcome of this group is that it has become quite influential both in policy and investment. For example, the group played a substantial role in creating Wisconsin's first quality rating system (YoungStar) and served on the first Governor's Advisory Council on ECE.

Membership Information

The group is comprised of local and national ECE funders and "brain trust" members who are experts in the field. There are no financial or funding requirements.

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