Wisconsin: Milwaukee School Readiness Philanthropy Group

The School Readiness Philanthropy group (the Philanthropy Group) is an informal group of Wisconsin and national private funders and foundations as well as experts in the area of quality early childhood education and child care, formed in 2005 to bring a philanthropy perspective to ECE summits around the state hosted by the Governor. The group expanded on a previously established Child Welfare Philanthropy Group formed in 2000.

Milwaukee, WI

Focus Area:
Local and Statewide


The group is an informal learning collaborative, meeting when there is something of interest to learn or share, with the goal of promoting effective philanthropy, staffed by an individual Wisconsin based philanthropist.

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Milwaukee’s School Readiness Philanthropy Group has played a strong role in highlighting the need for private investment in early education and care. Some of the work funded by members of the group is featured in Wisconsin’s Children and Our Common Prosperity.

Most of the work of the Philanthropy Group is done in joint convenings to meet ECE partners for updates, research and suggestions.  In 2020, the Philanthropy group included about 30 members, mostly funders as well as a few field experts.

In 2020, the Philanthropy Group worked closely with the Department of Children and Families around their Preschool Development Grant and some other state funding to work in one of the Milwaukee's ECE "desert" zip codes.

Rev. 4/1/2020

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