Building Movement Project

Social Change Ecosystem Map (2020)

The Social Change Ecosystem Map is a framework that can help individuals, networks, and organizations align with social change values, individual roles, and the broader ecosystem. It has two components: shared values embodied in the yellow circle in the middle; ten […]

Move The Money: Practices and Values for Funding Social Movements (2022)

Building Movement Project (BMP) presents Move The Money: Practices and Values for Funding Social Movements, a set of resources geared towards grantmaking institutions eager to expand and deepen their support of organizations, networks, and leaders involved with social change movements. Move The […]

Funding Movement Infrastructure (2023)

Over the past three years, in the midst of the pandemic and the 2020 uprisings, Building Movement Project curated a project called Move The Money, a pointed call to action for philanthropy to support social change movements and movement leaders. […]

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